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Tokelau Islands

Jacek, SP5EAQ and Marcin SP5ES plan to be QRV from Tokelau (ZK3) from the 8th October 2014 on 80-10m bands. Jacek operates only SSB, while Marcin SSB and CW. Activity is planned for a period of three weeks, however, the dates may change due to the unpredictability of transport. We have been granted with suitable approval to enter Nukunonu atoll and local accommodation has been provided. We expect to get ZK3Q (SP5EAQ) and ZK3E (SP5ES) call signs (to be confirmed).

Some activity from Apia (SP5EAQ as 5W0AF and SP5ES as 5W0AG) is planned while waiting for transport to the atoll and during the return way in early November.

About Operators...


Jacek's SP5EAQ prior Pacific DX-peditions include A3EAQ, T30AQ, 3D2MJ, and ZL7/SP5EAQ.



Marcin SP5ES specializes in Flora & Fauna programme providing activity from 120 different WFF, many of them active for the first time. He was active from Azores as CR1M.

We would like to thank:

  • Guenter DL2AWG for valuable information concerning ZK3N activity
  • Marek SP7DQR for handling our Website
  • Jacek SP5DRH for Website hosting
  • Jan DJ8NK for inspiration
  • Tom SP5UAF for design of our DX-pedition logo
  • Jan SP5LKM for refurbishment of PA
  • Krzysztof SP5RDN for modernizing of TRX
  • Zygmunt SP5ELA for help by preparing computers and software for efficient operation
  • Janusz SP5COK for providing spare RTX


    We are happy to meet all the costs of the DX-pedition, but we are seeking sponsorship and donations from individuals, DX clubs and organizations towards any excess baggage charges, printing QSLs and similar expenses including a vessel trip. The expedition is clearly more expensive than the previous ones (vessel, floating dates). To make a donation, please go to Donations menu.

    Jacek SP5EAQ & Marcin SP5ES